Weave is an initiative that aims to create connections within community through nonviolent actions towards the earth, each other & ourselves.

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With our community collaborators, we’ve weaved together a program of events that ran for three months September – December 2017. Click on the titles for more information!

Autumn 2017

🎶  (15th September) Greater Spotted Ceilidh Band: Dancing for Nonviolence  

 (1st October) Earth: Living nonviolently towards the earth (Part 1): Sowing seeds for spring: wood carving, creative up-cycling, vegan cooking, building a peace garden, soup & stories.

 (15th October) Each other:  Peace Walk: Mindful walk learning about current and historical peace sites of Edinburgh with performances of poems, singing & storytelling, dancing & drumming, and a section led in silence by Wildgeese Sangha. For all abilities and backgrounds, all faiths and none.

🍴 (26th November) Each other: Banquet for those on the streets (location undisclosed): an inclusive evening sharing music, food & fire.



Winter 2018

We will explore what it means to live nonviolently towards ourselves through a series of hollistic well-being classes

💕 Yoga for Peace (10th December, contact for location)

🙏 Meditation and candle lit vigil for peace (21st December, contact for location)

🙌  Chi gong for Peace (17th December, contact for location)



We are an initiative formed in collaboration with the Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre, an organisation with the central aim of creating a nonviolent world.

Find out more about our vision, click here.

If you’d like to get involved as an individual volunteer or an organisation to part of events, contact us here.

After the event series we will upload resources of how to weave projects in your community together.